2021 VGA Championship Commemorative Poster

$25.00 $49.00

  The 2021 Veteran Golfers Association Championship will take place at Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield, NJ., on September 12 - 15, 2021. Cassy Tully, whose sports and lifestyle paintings are collected internationally, created the championship painting.

  Cassy’s 18 X 24” poster features a dramatic nighttime view of the 9/11 Memorial, the twin beams of the Tribute in Light, and the New York City skyline, anchored by the iconic presence of the Statue of Liberty. She is flanked by the reflections of a firefighter and a kneeling soldier, a reminder of those who served during this critical time.

  “I am deeply honored to create artwork for this championship,” Cassy said. “The VGA’s mission of honoring veterans by providing opportunities for meaningful connection through a sport I also love makes this painting memorable.”